Daniel Defoe: (b. 1659, age 54) Daniel is an English writer, pamphleteer, and journalist. There is some evidence that his financial dealings are not always honest, and he is rarely free of debt. Defoe travels the British Isles often, writing down descriptions of the places he has seen. Defoe's business dealings are incredibly varied; raising civets for their musk, operating a brick and tile factory, collecting a tax on bottles, dealing in woolen goods and wine, and writing in support of the Tory government. Defoe is Presbyterian, which causes him some problems in Catholic England.

Alexander Pope: (b. 1688, age 25) Pope will later become one of the most famous English authors of all time. He has just recently announced that he will begin a definitive translation of Homer. He was raised Catholic in England, which meant a great deal of discrimination. Due to a childhood disease, he has a severe hunchback, and stands only 4'6". There are dark rumors about him, both because of his physical appearance and his time spent pouring through arcane tomes, as well as the scandalous The Rape of the Lock, a poem he wrote about two high society figures.

Juraj Jánošík: (b. 1688, age 25) Juraj is a folk hero in Hungary, known for being somewhat like the English figure of Robin Hood. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor, generally acting a symbol of resistance against the landed elite. He leads a group of highwaymen that operates in both Hungary and Poland, and is highly wanted by numerous parties. It's also rumored that he keeps some of what he steals in a treasure trove that only he knows the location of.

Jonathan Swift: (b. 1667, age 46) Swift is a brilliant author and satirist, and famous both his intelligence and political meddling. Swift is heavily allied with the Tory government, and has dealings with nearly everyone in a position of power.

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