Myfanwy (Meh-fan-wee)


  • Race: Halfling
  • Class: Alchemist
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19 (b. 1694)


Myfanwy was born in 1694 to a prostitute in Grantham, Lincolnshire. She was viewed as a pest by both her mother and the women of the brothel, and as soon as she could walk on her own, she was sent out on the streets to occupy herself during the day. While most parents in town wouldn't allow their children to play with the street urchin, Myfanwy did manage to befriend Thomas, a boy several years her senior. Feeling sorry for her cruel upbringing, Thomas would spend days on end reading to the young girl and teaching her to read for herself.

Soon Myfanwy was spending most of her time at the Francis Trigge Chained Library, where she eagerly read whatever material they had to offer. Although it was Alchemy and Chemistry that piqued her interest the most. In the coming years she developed a great passion for these fields, and a rather unhealthy obsession for her muse, Sir Isaac Newton.

Now entering her teen years, Myfanwy was still considered a burden among the prostitutes that looked after her. The only reason she was allowed to stay in the brothel without working alongside them, was that she claimed she was making progress on the highly sought after Elixir of Life. A potion believed to perpetuate youth -or as the prostitutes saw it- a way to ward off forced retirement. This afforded her a small room in the brothel where she could work on her experiments with whatever equipment she could scrounge from the streets.

Ever trying to impress her mother and gain approval, Myfanwy took up a brief stint with Iatrochemistry, the medicinal application of Chemistry. Believing she had created a topical cure for genital herpes, she distributed the ointment to the afflicted women of the brothel. The results were disastrous, and left the women permanently disfigured and unable to work ever again. She was immediately thrown out of (whore)house and home, and excommunicated from the only family she had ever known.

Perhaps it's her wanton origins, lack of a formal education, or that she has never made any worthwhile discoveries of her own, but Myfanwy has found it difficult to find work in the line of her passion. However, none of these reasons have ever occurred to her, for she wholeheartedly believes she is on the path to becoming the 18th century's most brilliant mind in Natural Science. Although her writings are little more than speculative musings, she is determined to get her works published, and decides her best chance at gaining notoriety is to find her greatest inspiration, Sir Isaac Newton, and study under his tutelage. Effectively riding his coattails to success, and perhaps earn -or cajole- a position in the Royal Society.

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