Academia Naturae Curiosorum

Academia Naturae Curiosorum was founded in 1652 and is one of the oldest continually existing learned societies in the world. It was created in Schweinfurt, a Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire, by four physicians. In 1677 Leopold I, the Holy Roman Emperor, gave Academia Naturae Curiosorum the title of "the Leopoldina". The Leopoldina is the Holy Roman Empire's foremost academy of sciences. In 1670 the Leopoldina began authorship of Ephemeriden, the world's first medical and scientific journal.

During its first two centuries the Leopoldina was a remote learning center. It moved around to wherever the current president was and much of its business was conducted via correspondence. In the early 18th century the Leopoldina was led by Lukas Schröck and was located in Augsburg, another Free Imperial City. At this time, Augsburg was a moderately sized town of about 20,000 residents. Schröck was a powerful and stalwart paladin, whose life of holy and academic servitude will bring him to the venerable age of 84 before he dies in 1730. As a man who read many books of both religious and scientific disciplines, Schröck was known as a very open minded and accepting man. The Leopoldina became a refuge for those seeking to pursue a life in the sciences while still remaining true to their religious beliefs. The Leopoldina was also one of the few institutions of upper learning in the world to accept women as students. As Lukas Schröck was thought to be almost beyond reproach, his decisions were rarely questioned by government or church. After his death, the Leopoldina will change its rules to disallow women from being admitted.

Augsburg is a quaint and heavily Gothic town. Everything in this town is created with extra care; often in a manner reminiscent of older styles than one might find in places like London or Paris. After a devastating battle fought in the mid 17th century that almost destroyed Augsburg, the location faded from almost everyone's minds. Perhaps the general disregard for all things happening in Augsburg was another reason Schröck was able to get away with his unique way of doing things. Regardless of the reasons, the Leopoldina in Augsburg under the care of Lukas Schröck is a safe haven for any wizard, especially women, who need a place to which they could retreat; as long as their hearts were in the right place of course.

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